Frank Cicela — Frank is a Virgo! People say he is funny (though funny looking is probably more accurate). His hobbies include uni-cycling & juggling (which he claims to be able to do simultaneously!). He is known to work extremely hard for pretzels and beer!

By day, Frank Cicela is He has spent 30+ years working in a variety of corporate capacities both domestically and internationally. His educational background is in Aviation and Industrial Technology. His versatility and flexibility have allowed him to reinvent himself to meet the requirements of ever changing business needs. He has worked in: Supply Chain Management, Production, Quality and Maintenance Departments, as well as Field Service and Engineering. He has held Supervision roles in Fortune 100 Corporations.

Frank has been an active community leader. He and his family spent time living in Illinois, Indiana, New York and Iowa. Prior to moving to NE Missouri, he and his family spent 8 years living in Crawfordsville, IN — a small rural farming community of with a population of approximately 15,000 people located in West Central Indiana. In that period, he provided executive leadership for the community theater board of directors. He was an inaugural member of the Crawfordsville Young Professionals Association. He liaised with Wabash College and the Crawfordsville Main Street Association on various community projects.

Frank’s passions for our environment, sustainability and community building led him to found a 501 (c) 3 Not- for-Profit organization called Sustainable Indiana. SI’s mission is to provide networking, education, sharing, outreach and community building with regard to various aspects of sustainable living.  Sustainable Indiana hosted two successful Statewide Energy Conferences, a Permaculture Workshop, Bioneers Screenings, Hosted Bicycle Repair Clinics, and arranged donations of Sustainable Living Book Collections to local public Libraries. Frank spent two years volunteering as the Executive Director for the Sustainable Living Coalition, a group of enthusiastic individuals actively working to create communities that are: environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just places to live. The SLC’s Vision is: to empower individuals and communities to live fully rooted in the abundant flows of natural systems.

Additionally, while working for Alcoa, Inc. Frank was competitively chosen to receive a Earthwatch Fellowship whereby he spent time in the rainforests of Costa Rica providing front line hands on support of environmental research.

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