Community & Sustainability

SUSTAINABLY — In such a manner that, within the defined area, no resources are consumed faster than their natural replenishment, and the enclosed system can continue indefinitely without degradation of its internal resource base or the standard of living of the people and the rest of the ecosystem within it, and without contributing to the non-sustainability of ecosystems outside.

Deep Green Machine is responsible for creating, developing, promoting and implementing a corporate vision with respect to community and sustainability – looking toward: planet, people, products, processes and profit. Deep Green Machine to strategically shape business policies in support of these goals.

Open Houses, Tours to Youth and various Community Groups

Recognize 2 individuals who spend a minimum of 50 hours per calendar year performing volunteer work. In recognition of the individuals effort, DGM make a contribution of $250 to the organization. Each Jefferson County individual is eligible to apply for one grant per calendar year. Click Here for Application

DGM will encourage and inspire individuals and groups to take action and be a source of positive community change – a way to invest in the quality of life.

Recognize youth that demonstrate a lived passion for: community, sustainability and the environment.  In recognition of the individuals effort, DGM make an award of $250 to the individual. Each individual is eligible for one award per calendar year. Click Here for Application