DGM Makerspace

DGM Makerspace is for creators, artists, inventors, repair and of all ages and skills.  Mentoring is offered and available from  experienced DGM Staff.

We are proud to let our collaborative nature show by offering Makerspace Workbenches.  As this space is in the middle of a fully functioning shop, there are some ground rules to follow:

  • The Makerspace is available at the discretion of the staff of Deep Green Machine, depending on workload and staff availability. Currently it is not available when there is no staff member on duty. It is helpful to call ahead and schedule and appointment.
  • Users have full access to Deep Green Machine’s extensive tool collection, reference materials as well as internet access.
  • Basic and intermediate tools will be available; more advanced tools require the shop staff to operate/supervise.  Only specifically marked tools at the makerspace shall be used; all other tools in the shop require the permission of Deep Green Machine Staff
  • The shop will be cleaned 30 minutes prior to closing.  Waste materials are to be put in their proper receptacle.
  • Users are required to leave the bench as clean (or cleaner) than they found it. Full access to shop sink and cleaning supplies is available. Failure to do so will result in the loss of future access.
  • Users are not to “help themselves” to any parts or supplies. All parts or supplies must be accessed through Deep Green Machine Staff.
  • Deep Green Machine is not responsible for any damage the User causes to their projects.
  • Users are responsible for any damage caused to Deep Green Machine’s tools or facilities.
  • Fabrication-Machining and Design Consulting Services are available. Collaboration with other businesses, organizations and individuals support prototype development, emphasizing: Design for Repair. Design for Assembly as well as appropriate technology and reuse.