Climate Change & Energy

The oft ignored — other side of the Global Climate Change Coin is — Peak Oil.

Business leaders, scientists, researchers, experts and visionary thinkers from around the world posit that great challenges lie ahead for humanity as the pressures of climate change, resource depletion (peak oil) and population growth all simultaneously converge on the social structure of civilization. Click here for Bibliography Peak Oil is here for all of us to deal with.

“Imagine pushing your car for 20 miles. You can use rope and pulleys, but no motors, no electricity. That’s the hard work that we pay $3 a gallon for.“ ~ Richard Heinberg

“The human economic system and the biophysical ecological system of the earth are inextricably linked…the economic system will fail if the ecological system is not carefully managed. The inverse, which is also true, is that a failed economic system creates desperate people who will destroy the ecological system.” –You Can’t Eat GNP

It is imperative that our communities begin to grasp the facts of Peak Oil and learn what can be done to prepare for living in a post oil world. DGM encourages visiting the following websites for additional information: | | |

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DGM to Implement the Oil Depletion Protocol