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Creating a sustainable world means rethinking and redesigning every aspect of human endeavor. This is the great work of upcoming generations. Programs of Deep Green Machine inspire, teach and advocate for a world that is: sustainable, fulfilling and just. Your donation to Deep Green Machine is critical to achieving this. Our success to date has been due to the incredible generosity of kind donors like you.

DGM and its vital activities can be supported in many ways, including, but not limited to donations of surplus materials, equipment, cash, stock, motor vehicles, real estate and bequests. Please contact us at

Deep Green Machine is applying with the IRS for a Letter of Determination Recognizing Tax Exempt Status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This exemption is currently pending. Any donations will not be tax deductible until this exemption is granted.


Receipts will be provided for all donations. A complete financial accounting of DGM will be provided upon request.

Support this project via the donation of — used, salvaged, surplus, factory seconds, discounted items such as:

Welding equipment (OAW, SMAW, TIG);, supplies, consumables
Arbor Press;
Parts bins, Shop tables
Wood working equipment
Lathe CNC Conversion Kit
Tooling, Bits, Vises, Fixtures for: Mills, Lathes, Drill Presses, Routers,
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Additional equipment/tooling donations of surplus equipment:
Hand Tools and Power Tools
Tooling inserts; Tooling,
Micrometers, Surface plate, Height gage, Calipers,
Sheet Metal Equipment: Shears, Brake, Vises,

Rigid Foam Insulation (poly-iso; styrofoam or otherwise)
OSB, MDF, Plywood
Materials wood, engineered plastics
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals: Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Windows, Doors, Siding
Hardware: Screws, Nails, Bolts
Reclaimed Lumber

We would love to redirect this type of material — from being landfilled or scrapped — and repurpose it! Limited funds are available to pay for reasonable freight to NE Missouri.

If you are using Paypal and donating toward a specific project, please use the box labeled “provide special instructions to the merchant” during payment.

Checks may be sent to:
Deep Green Machine
RR1 Box 148c
Rutledge, MO 63563

DGM is located at Located at the West Intersection of Highway M and Elm Street in Rutledge, MO. Our e-Mail address is: