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Deep Green Machine is a 501 (c) 3 Not-for-Profit organization located in Fairfield, Iowa. It is designed to be an incubator and community resource for developing practical, sustainable business ideas. Deep Green Machine will provide fertile ground for experimentation regarding progressive, alternative and cooperative business-social models whereby: community, care for our environment, care for people are valued; and profit is made fairly and ethically.

As an incubator, Deep Green Machine, will eliminate barriers to entry by making support available via: infrastructure, educational/professional guidance, mentorship and internship(s). Deep Green Machine will enhance the local economy as a business that is: diverse, resilient and stable.

Deep Green Machine will focus on: prototyping, limited production runs, model making, repair work, custom work. Deep Green Machine will provide services geared toward: networking, education, sharing, outreach and building community with regard to various aspects of sustainable business. Resources and services include:

  • Machine-Fabrication-Wood Shop
  • Makerspace Workshop
  • Artists-Craft Studio
  • Education/Networking
  • Sustainability Resource Center
  • Bicycle Clinic
  • Vehicle Co-op
  • Fairfield Tool Library
  • Builder’s Salvage
  • Veteran’s Program

Deep Green Machine will strive to holistically provide and allow for: A Living Wage, Health Care,Worker Self-Determination & Worker Solidarity

Whenever acceptable and appropriate, Deep Green Machine will make use of: up-cycled, recycled, post-consumer and salvaged material(s).

The business model and resource center of ideas will be made available to individuals wishing to replicate a similar program in their home communities.